The 11-plus exam takes place each September in Rugby. It is a good idea to start practising early!

I specialise in helping students prepare for the 11-plus test. This is taken by children hoping to gain a place at grammar schools in Rugby and the rest of Warwickshire.

I staged a Lockdown Mock Eleven Plus exam – written by me – in July 2021. I will be staging another in July 2022. See here for more details.

This will be my eighth year tutoring students for the 11-plus, and I am pleased to say that many of my students are now working happily in Rugby’s grammar schools. As a former pupil of Lawrence Sheriff Grammar School myself, I know what it is like to take the 11-plus – and how important it is to prepare well.

I provide regular one-to-one lessons to support your child preparing for the 11-plus. I offer support sessions of one hour which focus on two subjects each week. I also offer revision sessions in the summer holidays immediately before the 11-plus. These are usually divided into three sections – looking at verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning.

All lessons are priced at £36 per hour or £18 for half an hour. Regular feedback, including weekly progress graphs, is given to parents.

Here’s what one of my parents said recently: “We are very grateful for your help which I am sure was hugely valuable in our son’s preparation for the 11-plus.”

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If you have any questions, please email me, or text or call me on 07753 357251.

This is how to register your child for the 11-plus exam in Warwickshire.