Piano: How I can help

Have you ever considered taking up the piano or keyboard? I knew from a very early age that I wished to play the piano. I began lessons at about five years and continued with them until I was about 16 or 17. I managed to complete the Grade system of examinations, passing my Grade 8 in piano, and Grade 5 in theory.

This is the piano you will be learning on. It is very pleasant to play!

I was never that interested in the exam system, and have always thought that the piano is an instrument to enjoy, have fun with, and not to worry too much about passing tests. So the philosophy of my teaching is to ENJOY making music.

From the very first lesson, I will be encouraging students to play recognisable tunes from a range of sources – some classical, some popular songs, some folk songs and so on. Of course, I will also teach musical theory, and the basic techniques of playing – including the dreaded scales!

Most important of all, I will encourage my students to play the piano at least twice a day. This is really, really key and will result in considerable progress in a short time. It is very obvious from lessons when a student hasn’t touched the piano or guitar since the last lesson. This is disappointing and a bit of a waste of time. So, play regularly and don’t keep the lid on your piano or the case on your guitar. And enjoy it! That is what music is about. It should not be a drudge.

I am open to teaching anyone from 4 to 104. Please contact me for advice if you are unsure. You will need a keyboard (either electronic or a traditional piano), and an enthusiasm to learn, and a willingness to play twice a day. I will help you with the rest.

If you wish to take piano exams, I can support you with this. We will go through the scales, sightreading and aural tests together. We will prepare your selected pieces. So far, my students have a 100 per cent success rate!.

Lessons cost £15 for half an hour and take place weekly. To get in touch, please use the contact form on the front of my website. Good luck!

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