11-plus tuition by Distance Learning

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Is your child ready for the 11-plus? Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am now offering a new service – 11-plus tuition for your child by Distance Learning.

As my timetable for face-to-face tuition is full for September, I am making this new service available to help a greater number of pupils.

This is how it works:

An initial face-to-face meeting, free of charge, to plan the tuition (or by Facetime if it is difficult to meet).

You will receive at least 50 questions per week on one area of the 11-plus (rotating between verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning).

All questions are either multiple choice or require one-word answers. Simply, send your child’s responses back by email.

The tutor responds weekly with marks, percentage and analysis of areas which require improvement, plus the next set of questions.

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The tutor will respond with marks, a percentage and analysis of areas for improvement.

The tutor’s report will show each week how much progress has been made towards covering the whole syllabus. All question types (110 identified so far) will be covered during the school year.

Opportunity of face-to-face revision sessions in some weeks of the school holiday.

One tutorial session of 30 minutes per half-term, either face-to-face or by Facetime (or similar).

Distance Learning tutoring costs £15 per week and can be cancelled at any time. Half-termly tutorials also cost £15.

For further information, please email John Howes at shoparound1938@gmail.com
or fill in the form below.