Mock Eleven-Plus in Rugby

Would your child like to sit my (Lockdown) Mock Eleven-Plus exam on a Saturday morning in July 2020 (date to be finalised)?

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I have designed the exam myself to mirror, as carefully as possible, the actual Eleven-Plus held in Warwickshire each September. I should stress that I have no inside knowledge: nor, of course, does anyone else who offers mock exams. All I can say is that I have been preparing children for the exam for the past eight years and have listened carefully to them after they have sat the test each September.

I have written almost all of the questions myself.

The test will cost you £40, and for this you will receive:

  • A 37-page question booklet in PDF form covering all the subject areas, organised into timed sessions for the test at 10am on a Saturday in July 2020. You do not need to print this out.
  • An answer booklet for your child to fill in. You do need to print this out.
  • Instructions on how to administer the test down to the precise minutes for each section.
  • Feedback on how your child performed. This will feature marks for each section, percentages for each topic area, and three learning suggestions for moving forward.
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Here is what will happen if you go ahead:

You will receive the answer booklet to print out when you register for the test. At 9.30am on the day, you will receive the question booklet which the student can read online from 10am onwards. You will need a tablet, laptop or PC for this.

You will also receive the instructions. A parent will need to invigilate the exam to the exact timings I will send through.

The exam lasts from 10am to noon. This is designed to mirror the real test which is also at 10am on a Saturday. There are two breaks built into the schedule – one of five minutes, and one of 15 minutes.

When the exam is complete, you will have to photograph the answer booklet and email it to me. You will receive a feedback sheet within seven days.

It may be possible to arrange follow-up lessons to go through the questions in detail. These will be charged at my usual rate of £32 per hour though I don’t have many gaps for extra students at the moment.

If you are interested in going ahead with my Mock Eleven-Plus in July, please email me now.



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Mock Eleven-Plus

Mock Eleven-Plus