This is my new timetable for after-school lessons, beginning in September 2017. If you have an enquiry, please email me on shoparound1938@gmail.com

Timetable for September 2017 onwards

9am, 9.30am, 10am – Available for piano lessons
3.45pm – Booked, 4.30pm – Booked, 5pm – Booked

3.40pm – Booked, 4.25pm – Booked, 5.10pm – Booked

4pm – Booked, 4.45pm – Booked, 5.15pm – Booked

3.45pm – Available, 4.30pm – Booked, 5.15pm – Booked

8.30am – Booked, 9.30am – Booked
3.45pm – Booked, 4.30pm – Booked, 5.15pm – Booked

9am – Booked

Even though many of the timeslots are booked, it is always worth enquiring as I do get occasional cancellations. If you are looking for daytime tuition during the week, I have several timeslots available. Please contact me. 


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