These are testimonials received so far concerning either my academic teaching or music:

Again, thank you for your work with my daughter.  She is now a much more confident student in general. We are happy that she will be able to give the 11-plus exam her best shot. (September 2018)

Yes, my daughter has been offered a place at Rugby High School which was our first choice. Thank you for working with her and keeping us updated about her progress all the time in those months, I think that really helped. (March 2018)

Yes I can confirm my daughter has been offered a place at Rugby High School. Great news! (March 2018)

Our son has been admitted to Lawrence Sheriff school. We are grateful for your help and encouragement. Thank you so much. (March 2018)

Last year and before

1. We have received the 11-plus results today. Very proud of our son. Thank you for all your work with him. (October 2017)

2. Our son achieved a brilliant score! We are so pleased and very proud. Thank you so much for finding time to teach him. Extremely grateful! (October 2017)

3. ‘We would definitely like to continue with lessons at the same slot in September please. My son enjoys coming,  it has increased his confidence and he is above or on target in all of his subjects at school now.  Plus, it is also helping with his writing in his other subjects.’ (April 2017)

4. It’s been great having you as our son’s tutor. You have given him confidence. Thanks again, very grateful for your help. (August 2017)

5. ‘We are very grateful for your help which I am sure was hugely valuable in our son’s preparation for the 11-plus.’ (September 2015)

6. ‘Just a quick note to say thank you for your hard work and preparation that you have put into tutoring my son (for the Level Six maths paper)’. (June 2015)

7. ‘My daughter is very much looking forward to resuming her sessions in September – she’s progressed so well since she started with you and really enjoys attending; to the point that maths is now one of her favourite subjects!’ (July 2015)

8. ‘John is a very good tutor for my son’s 11+ preparation. I would highly recommend him.’

9. ‘My daughter is finding the sessions tremendously useful and always looks forward to coming – which is a massive bonus.’

10. ‘I’ve been over the moon with the progress my son has made and am very grateful for all the hard work you have put in with him. You have given him a great boost and it’s showing in the classroom, too.’

11. ‘Since our son started lessons with John, his confidence has grown. In his opinion, the lessons pass very quickly and they have been enormously helpful in his preparation towards his GCSEs. John has provided us with weekly written feedback which has allowed both us and our son to keep track of his progress. John’s lessons are very organised and structured and combining this with his friendly approach has been hugely beneficial for our son.’

12. ‘John was my main inspiration locally to take up keyboard; I watched John play and thought “I want to be able to do that!” and didn’t stop! Although I didn’t have tuition from him, he was ‘key’ to my musical development at almost every stage. I’m a professional musician and fellow tutor myself now, and I would definitely recommend tuition from John.’


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